Top 9 Wire Grill Shelf Rack for Bosch Oven Cooker 428 x 373 mm UK – Range Replacement Oven Racks

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1. Spares2go

SPARES2GO Wire Grill Shelf Rack for Bosch Oven Cooker Pack of 2 428 x 373 mm

Spares2go - Quantity: Pack of 2 Shelves. Replacement wire shelf rack made for SPARES2GO to fit Bosch Oven Cooker. Premium quality, fully compatiable replacement / spare part.

Measurements: 428 x 373 mm. Fits models: bosch hbn231e0/29, hbn331w0b/24, hbn331e0b/46, hbn231e0/47, hbn531e0b/25, hbn531e0/47, hbn331s0b/23, hbn231e0sa/47, hbn231e0y/01, hbn331e1/48, hbn231e0y/02, hbn331s0b/45, hbn331e0b/45, hbn331e0b/21, hbn231e0/45, hbn531e0/26, hbn231e0/48, hbn331w0b/46, hbn331s0b/46, hbn331e1/46, hbn531e0/48, hbn331e1/45, hbn331e1/47, hbn531e0/46, hbn231e0m/01, hbn231e0sa/19, hbn331e0b/35, hbn331e1/26, hbn231e0/46, hbn231e0sa/48, hbn531e0/45, hbn231e0sa/45, hbn331w0b/45, hbn231e0sa/46, HBN531E0B/45.
Part Number04-OGS-101

2. Bosch

Bosch Genuine 740815 Oven Cooker Wire Grill Shelf 428 x 373 mm

Bosch - Measurements: 428 x 373 mm. Genuine original Bosch spare / replacement part. Fits models: hbn231e0/29, hbn231e0y/01, hbn231e0m/01, hbn231e0sa/19, hbn531e0/26, hbn331e1/45, hbn531e0/46, hbn231e0/46, hbn331w0b/46, hbn531e0b/25, hbn531e0/45, hbn531e0/48, hbn231e0/47, hbn331e0b/21, hbn231e0sa/48, hbn231e0sa/45, hbn331e1/26, hbn531e0/47, hbn331e0b/45, hbn231e0/48, hbn231e0sa/46, hbn331s0b/46, hbn331e1/48, hbn231e0sa/47, hbn331s0b/23, hbn331e0b/46, hbn331e1/47, hbn231e0y/02, hbn331e1/46, hbn331w0b/24, hbn231e0/45, hbn331e0b/35, hbn331s0b/45, hbn331w0b/45, hbn531E0B/45.

Genuine bosch Oven Cooker Wire Shelf Rack.

3. Spares2go

Also fits Siemens, SPARES2GO Grill Shelf Rack Compatible with Bosch 740815 Oven 428 x 373 mm

Spares2go - Measurements: 428 x 373 mm -- equivalent to genuine part number: 00740815, 740815. And models: hb532e3, hb532e5, hb559e1t, he301e1s, he301w1s, he301e2x, hb559w1t, he301w2s, hb539e1q, hb532e3t, he13024, hb559e3t, hb539e3m, hb532e3q, he13055c, he13054, he13044, hb539e3t, hb559s3t, he13055, hb539e1t, he13045, hb551e1t, he13025, hE301W2X. Compatible with bosch model series: bn431s1, hbn231e0, hbn211e2, hbn231s3r, hbn231e3, hbn211s4, hbn231e2y, hbn231w3r, hbn211e0j, hbn211e0k, hbn231e0sa, hbn211w0j, hbn211s2, hbn201w2s, hbn211b6r, hbn231s4, hbn211w6r, hbn231e2m, hbn231e0m, hbn211s0, hbn211e0m, hbn231E0B, hbn231e2, hbn201e2s, hbn211e2m, hbn211e4, hbn231e4, hbn211e2j, hbn211s0j, hbn231w4, hbn231s2, hbn231e4q, hbn231e2i, hbn211e0gc, hbn211e0, hbn231e0y, hbn211s6r, hbn231s0, hbn211e2k, hbn231e1l, HBN232E1L.

Compatible with siemens model series: hb010fbr0z, hb311e2, hb331e0gc, hb331e1j, hb331e0m, hb532e1k, hb211e2j, hb311e4, hb311e0, hb331s2t, hb301e4t, hb331e5w, hb531e0, hb501e1t, hb531w1w, hb331e0q, hb331e0, hb331e2, hb311e2j, hb531e0f, hb301w2s, hb301e2s, hb331e2m, hb331e0j, hb311e0j, hb331s0t, hb301e1s, hb331e3w, hb331e0t, hb301e0k, hb531e1w, hb311e4j, hb532e0, hb331e2s, hb331w0t, hb301e0t, hb331e2w, hb301w1s, hb532e0f, hb301e0q, hb211e0j, hb239e5, hb331e4, HB532E1T. Quantity: 1 x complete shelf.

And models: hbn331w0i, hbn559e1m, hbn531s1f, hbn531w1f, hbn439e4, hbn551s1q, hbn431e4f, hbn431e6f, hbn431s3, hbn531e0k, hbn339e0j, hbn532e1t, hbn551e1t, hbn431e2f, hbn539s5, hbn559e1q, hbn559e3q, hbn532e3t, hbn431e8f, hbn531w0, hbn431s4, hbn551w1q, hbn532e0f, hbn559e1z, hbn539e7, hbn431e3, hbn539e3t, hbn531e0b, hbn431s1, hbn411e0, hbn331w0t, hbn559e1t, hbn431s2f, hbn431e1, hbn539e1t, hbn411e2k, hbn559s3t, hbn431e0f, hbn532e0, hbn531e1b, hbn501e1t, hbn539e1q, hbn559e3m, hbn531e0, hbn532e3q, hbn532s0f, hbn559s1q, hbn532e1f, hbn551e1q, hbn559e1i, hbn559e3t, hbn539e5, hbn532e3, hbn559e3i, hbn531s0, hbn532e5, hbn331w0q, hbN559W1Q. This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brands and is not the original part. Replacement wire shelf Rack compatible with Bosch and compatible with Siemens Oven Cooker.
Weight0.8 kg (1.76 Pounds)
Part Numberlocalization-B01NAI3Z0L

4. sparefixd

Sparefixd Oven Chrome Shelf Wire Rack to Fit Bosch Oven Cooker

sparefixd - Sparefixd Oven Shelf Wire Rack. Ideal for ovens with side or drop opening doors. Can be used in ovens with molded liners or metal rack supports. High quality and strong design.

Can be used with all types of cookware. Dimensions: 46. 5 cm x 37. 5 cm x 2. 0 cm length x width x height. Equivalent to Part Number 840517. See description for more models. Hba10b050/01, hba13b350b/07, hba13b221b/10, hba20b050/07, hba13b250a/07, hba13b261b/01, hba11b150a/02, hba13b221b/01, hba13b251a/01, hba11b150a/01, hba20b250/01, hba20b120s/07, hba13b250a/09, hba13b350b/01, hba21b350j/02, hba21b350j/01, hba11b150a/03, hba20b150s/07, hba13b150a/01, hba13b251b/01, hba13b261b/10, hba20b250/07, hba20b050/01, hba20b120s/01, hba20b150/01, hba13b250a/01, hba13b251b/10, hba20b150/07, hba13b350b/04, hba20b150s/01, hba21b350j/05 . See description below for full list of models this part fits.
Part Number840517

5. sparefixd

Sparefixd for INDESIT Cooker Oven Grill Shelf Chrome Wire Rack C00526696

sparefixd - Dfw5530ixuk, ifw6340whuk, ifw6330bluk, ifw65y0ixuk, kfw3841jhixu, ifw6330ixuk, ifw6230whuk, ifw6540pix, ifw6230ixuk, ifw6544hixuk, kfw3543hixuk, ifw4844hbluk, igw620ixuk, ifw6530ixuk, ifw6330whuk, ifw4841cbluk, ifw6340ixuk, ifw3841pixuk, dfw5544cixuk, ifw6340bluk, kfw3844hixuk. See description below for full list of models this part fits. Equivalent to Part Number 919351. Sparefixd Oven Wire Shelf.
Part Number919351

6. First4spares

First4spares Extendable Oven Cooker Shelf Rack 360mm-600mm, Pack of 2

First4spares - 2x universal adjustable oven cooker Shelf Extendable Rack Shelves 360-600mm Free UK Delivery. Pack of 2 extendable shelves. Extends from 360mm up to 600mm.
Height2.5 cm (0.98 Inches)
Length35.8 cm (14.09 Inches)
Weight1.3 kg (2.87 Pounds)
Width32.3 cm (12.72 Inches)
Part NumberUnknown

7. Invero

Adjusts from 39cm to 56cm Suitable for Most Ovens, Invero® Universal Stainless Steel Adjustable Extendable Oven Cooker Rack Grill Cooking Tray Shelf

Invero - This product has been designed with durability in mind, so that it can withstand any wear and tear that may occur during its lifespan. It can be used as a storage rack or as a cooking surface. Great product for those who wish to replace or add an extra shelf.

Just pull out the sides to adjust the shelf from 39 cm to 56 cm 32cm deep. Universal oven shelf: this adjustable oven shelf will fit almost any standard home oven. Product dimensions: with its adjustable height from 39 cm to 56 cm 32cm deep, it will fit almost any standard home oven. It has a non-slip mat on the bottom and is easy to clean with a damp cloth. You can easily fit one in your oven, microwave and even under your dishwasher! Durable and efficient: the grill tray shelf is a useful addition for those who wish to make use of their oven space more efficiently.

Just pull out the sides to adjust the shelf from 39 cm to 56 cm 32cm deep and it will fit on most models. Easy to clean: it's made from stainless steel and is very sturdy. High quality grill shelf: the product is made of stainless steel with a non-stick coating and has three securing clips on each side.
Part Number4577

8. Spares2go

SPARES2GO Universal Extendable Adjustable Shelf with Locking Arms for All Oven Cooker & Grill 360mm, 590mm

Spares2go - Dishwasher Safe. This uniquely designed locking nut shelf supports heavy items without sagging or bending and when fitted correctly, will not slip out of place. Spares2go adjustable extendable Locking Arm Shelf to fit all Oven Cooker & Grills.

Simply fix shelf inside oven at the correct width and tighten all 4 nuts to secure shelf in place. Replace old shelves with this innovative highly versatile replacement shelf. Fits models: universal - all standard sized ovens perfect fit for standard ovens with outside width of 60cm. Very quick and easy to adjust - locks firmly in place. Shelf measurements: depth: 310mm, Adjustable Width: Extends from 360 to 590mm. Universal fitting - adjustable to fit all oven types and sizes. Create more shelf space in your oven - essential when catering for more people.
Weight0.4 kg (0.88 Pounds)
Part Number04-UCGS-100

9. Bosch

Bosch Neff Siemens Oven Oven Shelf. Genuine part number 00574876

Bosch - Original Bosch Oven shelf. Dimensions: 46. 5cm x 37. 5cm x 2. 0cm. Bosch neff siemens oven Oven Shelf - Ideal for ovens with side or drop opening doors. Can be used with all types of cookware in ovens with molded liners or metal rack supports.
Height37.6 cm (14.8 Inches)
Length47 cm (18.5 Inches)
Weight0 kg (0 Pounds)
Width2.2 cm (0.87 Inches)
Part NumberBOSCH NEFF SIEMANS 574876
Warranty12 months.